I was working late at my job that night,
I was tired and when i had to go i gladly packed
my things and rushed out the door to my car.
When I Arrived to the car i saw something,
sitting on the ground–it was small cardboard box with tape all over it to seal it.
it had no location, name, or even stamp on it at all. Just a piece of paper taped and glued to the box saying


I picked it up and took it home, so i might return it later.
but when i called my work-mates they said they had never even seen the thing
so, confused, i opened it hoping to find a some evidence of who it belongs to
but all i found was an envelope that again said


this time i let a small chuckle, thinking it to be a mere prank from my work-mates
so i opened it and i found a letter and a CD that said


so i read the letter.
here is what it said

If you have found this letter and CD then there is something you must know.
This disc is very strange and even though is gone i know it will never be truly destroyed
I have tried everything.
Smashing it with a hammer, Breaking it apart with my hands. no matter what i’ve tried it never even gets scratched
i threw it away but, found it on my bed an hour later.
This disk is evil and it shouldn’t exist
i don’t know why i bought it at that yard sale that day
i thought it would be interesting,
I was wrong…Very Wrong
I thought i would give it to someone else
for its the only other option i have other then to die because of it
I beg you not to open it, for as long as you haven’t seen it you are free of its power
If you open it, if you read it he’ll come
please break it, destroy it, throw it away if you have to,
but please i beg you


The letter was wrinkled and had wet stains on it as thought the person writing it
was crying.

But when i opened it on my computer when suddenly it blue-screened
i thought it was just a coincidence and opened it again
inside i found a file labeled


i opened it again
and found another file saying


getting a bit bored i opened it and it said

getting tired of the gag i opened it again
but it said something different

you should listen to others! DO NOT OPEN!

thinking this was strange i opened it
it read:

Curiosity killed the cat! DO NOT OPEN!

suddenly the purring noises of my cat who was lying on my bed stopped
i looked at the bed and she was gone.

i was now truthfully bewildered
and a bit scared
but i knew i had to man up
i opened the next file and there it was
the original words


as soon as i opened it my computer crashed
this time i was really starting to get scared

“how could this be a prank?”
i asked myself
for i had a good feeling that my work-mates couldn’t create a file that made my computer

an hour later i decided to fix my computer
i opened up the file but it said


i opened this file with fear
if another bad thing happened i would call the cops

but all that was there was not a file
but a text file

I opened it and it did not say “DO NOT OPEN!”
all it said was

Happy Now?

That’s when i chuckled

This is it?
i asked myself

this is all?

but then i saw it out my window
a shadow it was moving fast
i started to whimper
i was scared,

i went to my door thinking i would go to the police office but then it moved again this time towards my door
i was now absolutely terrified
i opened my door after grabbing my gun
whatever this thing was i intended to kill it
but nothing was there my house was completely left untouched but then i heard something behind me

it was in my room
i rushed in there, i cocked my gun, and suddenly my blankets and clothes were on the floor
all the drawers in my dresser and cabinet were pulled out and my closet was open
every box was open

but then that’s when i saw it…my computer

the disc drive was opened and my CD was gone,

but even though all this had happened
i chuckled once more.
i started laughing as loud as i could

for the disc was finally gone

and then i sat down i turned on the TV and went about my business
I  have continued to enjoy life, i now have a family that i love, and everything is good

I have seen the disc at several places

once in my office in a giant folder drawer

another time, at a friends house on his desk

another time, at a tech support place, thrown in a waste-basket

I don’t know what i saw that night, that shadow,but whatever it was…


It wasn’t human

My new interest

I have really gotten into the “Harry Potter” series lately. I really do love it.I’m currently on chapter 9 of the 3 book.

(this is quoted from the wikipedia page which can be viewed here)

“The novels revolve around Harry Potter, an orphan who discovers at the age of eleven that he is a wizard, living within the ordinary world of non-magical people, known as Muggles. His ability is inborn and such children are invited to attend a school that teaches the necessary skills to succeed in the wizarding world.Harry becomes a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it is here where most of the novels’ events take place. As Harry develops through his adolescence, he learns to overcome the harry potterproblems that face him: magical, social and emotional, including ordinary teenage challenges such as friendships and exams, and the greater test of preparing himself for the confrontation that lies ahead”

If you have not read the Harry Potter series, I “highly recommend it.

My idea of the best camping trip ever

My idea of the best camping trip ever is that Me and someone in my family went to the Kroatan and ate s’mores, slept in sleeping bags, and even started a fire! I have always wanted to go camping and this year it is very likely I will be! I have also wanted to experience wildlife and see what its like having to actually survive. If you want to go on a camping trip here is an article on packing for one