Voldemort’s relief

If you like the Harry Potter series like me, then you probably know who Voldemort is.

Well if you do you probably know that he doesn’t have a nose, and since that’s probably the reason for all his pent up aggression that makes him so evil and angry, I decided that I would make him a little happier, to relieve him of all that!


The Starry Wave!

I made this photo really easily using some images of two paintings that I really like, and put them together! Here it is!

(btw: the creator of the great wave is Hokusai, and the creator of Starry Night, is Vincent Van Gogh)


Ocean in a bottle!

In photoshop, I wanted to make something beautiful, and I thought, “Whats something that I think is beautiful?” and then I thought, “The ocean!”. and I thought “How could I make it interesting?” so when I was searching on google images, looking up this and that, I decided something that would be amazing! An ocean in a bottle! So I got some pictures from some sea creatures (e.g. A starfish, Some clownfish, and a turtle.) and also an anemone and some rocks, I put it together with a picture of a bottle I made this!

Btw: I made the water that’s in the bottle by using a picture of some blue jello, I also erased a cup that was originally there.Ocean in a bottle

Audience participation

Since you probably already know that I’m working on my Photoshop skills, I decided to take some requests. Comment below to give me ideas on things that I could try to make in Photoshop.

Just make sure its not an any way suggestive at all. :)

more epic photoshop

You know how I’ve said that I’ve been learning Photoshop recently?

Well since I’ve also been playing lots of Slender recently (if you don’t know its a game that you can download here slendergame.com ) and I have also been thinking of ways I could improve my Photoshop skills, so I thought that it would be cool to be able to make reflections like mirrors or sunglass reflections, so I decided to make this.

This is the original pic:sunglassesThis is what it looked like when I touched it up:reflection