My idea of the best camping trip ever

My idea of the best camping trip ever is that Me and someone in my family went to the Croatan and ate s’mores, slept in sleeping bags, and even started a fire! I have always wanted to go camping and this year it is very likely I will be! I have also wanted to experience […]


Voldemort’s relief

If you like the Harry Potter series like me, then you probably know who Voldemort is. Well if you do you probably know that he doesn’t have a nose, and since that’s probably the reason for all his pent up aggression that makes him so evil and angry, I decided that I would make him […]


The Starry Wave!

I made this photo really easily using some images of two paintings that I really like, and put them together! Here it is! (btw: the creator of the great wave is Hokusai, and the creator of Starry Night, is Vincent Van Gogh)

Ocean in a bottle

Ocean in a bottle!

In photoshop, I wanted to make something beautiful, and I thought, “Whats something that I think is beautiful?” and then I thought, “The ocean!”. and I thought “How could I make it interesting?” so when I was searching on google images, looking up this and that, I decided something that would be amazing! An ocean […]


Photoshop Hilarity!

HAHA! I took a pic of Jim Carrey and a pic of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and here was the result!